Word of Mouth

Week 2 of taking your Wheatgrass shots.  I'm loving it for so many reasons.  Inflammation is gone, no more achy knees and hips, my skin seems brighter, overall sense of well-being and the list keeps growing the longer I take it.


Getting my kids to eat anything green is usually an uphill battle but since introducing them to Mindful Urban Farm's Microgreens they can't stop eating them! Thanks to the freshness and convenience, I got them into the love of eating micorgreens by introducing the idea of a daily microgreen tasting where we take a bunch of different kinds of microgreens, eat them, and decide which we love today. Thank you guys for making such a quality product that even my picky eaters LOVE!

Melissa Leithwood

As a cancer survivor I started taking small, mindful steps to maintain my health; one of them a daily shot of wheatgrass purchased from the freezer section of my local health food store.  So many health benefits.  I now get my daily goodness from Mindful Urban Farm where they grow it, harvest and have it to me the same day.  Fresh, fresh, fresh.  The best!


When I received my first order of Wheatgrass from Mindful Urban Farm I was getting over a cold and flu and was feeling tired and weak all of the time.  The daily shot of Wheatgrass very quickly snapped me out of my funk, and I started to feel like myself again.  It tastes so fresh, healthy and pure and make me feel the same!  Starting the day with Wheatgrass helps me set my intentions for healthy eating each day.  Its like a daily toast 🥂to good health!  It is definitely an important part of my morning ritual.


1 week in and almost a new person!  I take it 2 times a day!  Definitely suppresses my appetite!  Advise everyone to order!